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The scandal has erupted just days before the start of the Women's World Cup in Germany. Two players from the selection of Equatorial Guinea have been accused of being men by one of his rivals.

The denunciation of the team captain of Ghana, Florence Okoe, which raised his suspicion after both teams played friendly on Wednesday, as published daily Ara `'.

Las hermanas Bilguisa y Salimata Simpore nuevamente acuadas de ser hombres y no mujeres Okoe accuses two players of Equatorial Guinea, and the sisters Bilguisa Salimata Simpore. Both have been set aside as a preventive measure of concentration that his team conducted these days before the start of the World Cup this Sunday.

The case is not new, since the sisters had already been charged Simpore Cameroon, Senegal and Ghana in the African Cup of last November.

FIFA is investigating the matter, but has announced that during the World Cup will not make any test to check the sex of the players, unless "there is a clear doubt" about it. The regulation shifts responsibility to associations to make these checks.


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that the future president of the FFF and hinted it could be.

Benzema's lawyer, Sylvain Cormier, had already declared that it would be "scandalous" that his client was excluded

French Minister for Sport, Roselyne Bachelot, said the condition of defendants in a case of child prostitution player's Franck Ribery Bayern Munich and Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema seems "hard line" with their presence in the selection national.

Benzema y Ribery en el ojo del huracán por prostitución de menores During a shift to Bordeaux in the southwest France, the top official in charge of Sport Gallo said that his opinion is in line with the Secretary of State for Sport, Rama Yade, and the next president of the French Football Federation, Fernand Duchaussoy.

Benzema's lawyer, Sylvain Cormier, had already declared that it would be "scandalous" that his client was excluded from the French football team, with which he did not dispute the World Cup, for his complaint in a case of pandering after


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Singer Belinda has called his ex, Giovanni Dos Santos, to find comfort with the difficult situation that crosses.

Singer Belinda has called his ex, Giovanni Dos Santos, to find comfort with the difficult situation that crosses.

Belinda se hacerca a Giovanni Dos Santos en busca de consuelo After the scandal in which the singer went to Mohamed Morales accused the employer of harassment and threats, is now sued by 15 former employees who claim millions in compensation.

According to the blog of Celebrity Living, a source close to the singer says that Belinda has called several times to Gio, but he no longer answers calls.

The situation with Morales apparently already been fixed, but their former employees are determined to go all the way, and together claim payments of more than 4 million pesos.


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Wayne Bridge has not lost the time to recover from the blow of being humiliated by his girlfriend Vanessa Perroncel and his friend and team mate John Terry.

Manchester City winger, who starred in one of the biggest scandals of recent times in England, was as the great victim in a public opinion that held that I would not shake hands with Terry before the game that pitted their teams and now see how very quickly found comfort in the arms of a woman as Kim Karadshian spectacular, a whole celebrity in America and whose charms are obvious. And is that about a month ago, Bridge traveled to Miami a few days to forget and have fun. And a faith that did it.

Kim Karadshian, Es la terapia que sigue Wayne Bridge para olvidar a su ex-Vanessa Perroncel Both he met Kim at an exclusive party and, as has one of his friends at The Sun, since then been sending messages and soon will be in London. "She returned the smile to the face of Wayne," adds indiscrito friend. No wonder. Kim Kardashian dazzled by his physical strength and more now that has only recently split from football player Reggie Bush, say that because of a porn video recorded with another former boyfriend, rapper Ray J. Kim. Kardashian sex is a myth and diverted, by choice of the readers, the cover of Playboy dedicated to the 100 sexiest women in its history. There is nothing ...


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The photos will be worth more than 1,000 words because the athlete refused to give statements to the magazine.

Tiger Woods portrayed appear topless in the February issue of Vanity Fair, which goes on newsstands next Tuesday and will show a photo taken before his infidelity scandal.

Tiger Woods, Al mal tiempo le pone buena cara, mas aun si sale en la tapa de Vanity Fair In the cover portrait, which joined other on the inside pages, Woods appears with a black cap and sports in weight hands. The pictures, yes, they have to be worth more than 1,000 words because the athlete refused to give statements to the magazine.

The famous photographer Annie Leibovitz, author of the Vanity Fair portrait published, says he tried to catch Woods as "intensely competitive athlete" is.

"I wanted to reveal that in these photos and show their incredible focus and dedication," Leibovitz said in statements that echoes the television CNN on its website.

The images accompanied by an article in which the author, Buzz Bissinger, recalls the downfall of the golfer when you closely examine the man behind the scandal. Woods, Bissinger says in the article, believed to be something that was not "untouchable".


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