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The cephalopod known to hit during the tournament not only the outcome of the matches he played the German national team, but the final between Spain and the Netherlands who won the Spanish side.

Octopus Paul, who shot to fame during the World Cup in South Africa for her accurate predictions of the winners of the matches, died tonight in your aquarium tank Oberhausen, announced today their caregivers.

Lo único que no pudo predecir el famoso pulpo Paúl fue su último día de vida Known as the "oracle animal ", Paul was tempted with individual mussel meat baits placed in two containers equal Plexiglas and adorned with the flags of the countries facing and those who chose that thought would win the clash.

"He was very loved by us all and we will miss him very much. It is a comforting thought they had a good life with us, receiving the best care possible by a dedicated team," said Stefan Porwoll, director General Sea Life Oberhausen.

Lo único que no pudo predecir el famoso pulpo Paúl fue su último día de vida Paul moved to hitting German and Spanish fans during the World Cup in South Africa, winners of eight games, including seven international football matches and the championship final, which Spain won by 1-0 to Holland. It had previously forecast the results of the German national team during Euro 2008.

"Paul enthused people of all continents, with seven times hit consecutive forecasts for the German national team and the final. He died peacefully at night from natural causes, "the statement concluded Porwoll Aquarium in Oberhausen.

Octopus Paul during the World Cup became a well-known character around the world. Received a T-shirt Red t-shirts were made with his image, was a replica of the World Cup, was declared the town Beloved Friend O Carballiño Orense (Ourense) became ambassador to England World Cup 2018, China staged a thriller and there was even a failed attempt at adoption in Spain. Because her fame grew exponentially trading. Carballiño entrepreneurs came to offer up to 30,000 euros for the signing of cephalopod, they sought to make promotional figure octopus "a feira".

Up to 600 TV channels from around the world came to broadcast the images of Paul showing his gifts of divination and even CNN is poured with a "breaking news" and interrupted its programming to provide live octopus choosing the piece of mollusk that he wanted more.

700 grams in weight, equipped with new brain-like all of his kind, a rector of the head and the rest spread across its eight tentacles and three hearts, Paul was born in British waters and was soon moved to Oberhausen arrival into the world to enrich fish tanks aquarium.

Paul came to outnumber Internet news to all the major players in Spanish football for the World Cup, according to a study that analyzed more than 2 million information and selected more than 150,000 impacts made by the South African tournament Image media group Group.

Have a monument in his honor

"For us, this is an unusual approach to our marine life. But Paul was also one of the most extraordinary animals we've ever had. Now that Paul concluded his life of celebrity, it seems appropriate to build a monument to him, "the statement added.

Given its universal popularity, the name of Paul is used octopus with various commercial purposes. Either as a new line of clothing or a mobile phone application that was inspired by his fame. In addition, it will release a DVD of the cephalopod.

Paul has octopus left an important legacy "immortal for other marine life." Part of the funds we were after their names have been assigned to a rescue center for endangered turtles on the Greek island of Zakynthos.

Already have a substitute and will be cremated in the coming days

"A world champion is dismissed. The world mourns Paul octopus, called the official website Oberhausen Aquarium, where one died last night's World Cup players, taking surprise to the employees of Sea Life, and yet he had sought a replacement.

Due to the age of Paul, the Aquarium of Oberhausen and had prepared the presentation of a new, young Paul, who was to be shown during the coming weeks, and following the tradition of the aquarium, bear the same name.

Although so far, Paul's body is in a heated room, will be cremated in the coming days, reports statement of the aquarium. "In honor of Paul and the interest worldwide, will be an exhibition and a memorial. Will be displayed on a screen best and most touching moments and gifts that have come from around the world and acrylic paintings and the ballot box, "he adds.


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