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Campaign on the social networks to prevent the operation of the Romanian tennis player of 17 years, Roland Garros junior champion, who claimed to be effected because the size of your breasts bother you at the time of play.

Simona Halepa (Contant, September 27 1991) is a promising Romanian tennis player who is ranked number 258 on the WTA but that stands out to gain the title of Junior Roland Garros 2008. In the 2009 edition of the gala round, Simona came to the second qualifying round, but gave more to say about sports extra motivated since announced his intention of going through surgery to reduce the size of their breasts, which he considered excessive to develop your game as normal.

"It's a weight that hampers my ability to react quickly. My bust makes me feel uncomfortable to play," said the player when he announced his intention to run. In this way we hope to provide the necessary leap in quality. Of time, Ion Tiriac, compatriot Simona and owner of Mutual MadrileÑa Madrid Open, but believes it has conditions that need to work hard, "is young, has a good set of legs and beat well. But it must be prepared to work hard and surround yourself with true professionals to reach the summit. "

Simona what surely did not expect was that the announcement of a possible transaction cause a backlash on the internet, where his followers are taking advantage of social networks to promote a genuine campaign to deter the young tennis player to pass through the operating room. On Facebook there are groups of users with names such as graphic Save breasts Halepa Simona, Simona Halepa That does not ruin your future "or" Let Simon commits a crime against humanity. " Some groups are reaching the one million signatures in a movement that is coming to blogs and websites around the world. The decision in any case will finally be the player, who seemed determined to give priority to his tennis career beyond the physical attributes extolled his followers.

Simona Halepa


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