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Neither the goal that marked him for Juventus which gave the victory to his last day in Naples has been able to silence the echoes of the last candle mounted by the Argentine striker Lavezzi Ezquiel

And when we say candle, it is no exaggeration. This is a family name Jessica, the model and dancer with the Argentine who was given a extramarital affair.

According to recently told the magazine Paparazzi, "the striker was hunted" in flagrante "with this woman to whom the flag Weekly considers having "one of the best back in the country." Jessica, who is triumphing in the "Dancing for a Dream", Argentine version of "Look who dances", was made famous by participating in one of the editions of "Big Brother".

The media say he has done that Lavezzi, married and father of Deborah Thomas, two years, has lost his head. "They are living a very passionate story. When he saw her, Lavezzi said he wanted the woman at his side." Said and done ....

Jessica Cirio and Lavezzi


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