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The track reached Piqué especially intense after starting their romance with singer Shakira This information has been collected by Interview magazine three years ago The Barcelona paid 5,000 euros for track work Piqué

Pep Guardiola obsession to control his players to concentrate on the best way to perform at maximum led to the popular use Method 3 detective agency to continue to Gerard Piqué, according to the website of `The Confidential´ .

Pep Guardiola habría utilizado el -Metodo 3- para vigilar a Gerard Piqué, As reported by Antonio Fernandez, from `Confidential´, "the detective agency Method 3 was devoted to spying on FC Barcelona players commissioned by the then current director of Safety and Correctional Services director general of Catalonia, Xavier Martorell".

This information has been collected by Interview magazine three years ago and explained that the Barcelona paid 5,000 euros for tracking work Pique.

"During the time that Pep headed the first team filed a smooth and cordial relationship with Martorell, who executed Guardiola will be informed at all times," adds the information.

"Guardiola was even phone home some of their cracks to see if, indeed, he was at home and not somewhere Trasnochando cocktail bar, as confirmed to `The Confidential´ sources close to the players. But that control almost craft was not enough, hence the coach should ask youth reports.

"He was obsessed with the players mantuviesen ordered private life and not depart from spree because after unaccountable on the lawn," says a person who worked at the club during that period. He emphasizes that both the coach and Manel Estiarte, Director of External Relations of Barca, did not hesitate to seek the cooperation of detectives when they suspected that a player could desmandar in their free time.

There, according to sources who runs `The Confidential´, follow Ronaldinho, Deco and Samuel Eto´o. However, more efforts who was captured Gerard Piqué, tracked and controlled at several stages, at least in 2008 and 2010. The player had to detectives back for a handful of weeks.

The track reached Piqué especially intense after starting their romance with singer Shakira. So, they learned that one of his favorite hangouts is a cocktail bar that´s near the club facilities in Regent Street Mendieta, who started enough with a group of friends and some nights he came home from his parents, in the town of Egham, just after 2 am. Even detailing who took the glasses.

In one of the reports made by the detectives, states that, after attending a concert by Alejandro Sanz with three friends, he stopped the Guardia Urbana and had to undergo a breathalyser test, which was negative. This story took place on September 15, 2010, the very day that the singer started his world tour in Montreal, while the player was in Barcelona.

So many days you stepped heels at one time they were discovered. Piqué The representative came to report to the club that the player was being followed by unknown.

The player himself is what Guardiola said. To circumvent the issue and not destapase espionage, Martorell had a great idea: representative told the player that, following investigations he had done, those who followed were the gossip and promised to control the issue and that would take care of their safety.


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"Have no fear, will happen to me is more than able to carry out my work"

Pep Guardiola confirmed his farewell: "Four years is an eternity and wear out much. The end of December communicated to the end of my time was very present, but could not speak to the players. My goodbye I had decided long ago."

 Pep Guardiola confirmó su adiós: Cuatro años es una eternidad y desgastan mucho "I regret the uncertainty about my continuity. It is a mistake not to have heard people asking me two years but I´ve always wanted contracts very short because the demands of the club is great," he added.

"I´ve worn, I need to drain and fill," Guardiola said at a packed news conference. The technician, who has no future plans beyond rest, thanked the work the players and eight of them, the captains Puyol, Xavi, Iniesta, Valdes and Cesc, Pique, Busquets and Pedro, were present in the conference.

Asked about the absence of Leo Messi, Guardiola said metaphorically that the Argentine itself was present at the press conference. "Today I agreed much of Abidal and Keita, who has been my thermometer throughout this year. I´ve known a few (players) with human integrity," he explained.

The technician explained that it goes with the feeling of being in the club with pride. "This is a club of a force, a life and incredible power. Have no fear, will happen to me is more than qualified to carry out my job," he commented.

Guardiola explained of his decision to the board in the fall, has apologized for not having announced earlier and the uncertainty generated by all this. "This is a mistake to assume. Seemed like I was doing to pray, but I´ve always wanted short contracts, things have to do so, because four years is an eternity," he insisted.

Decision taken since December

In autumn the decision Guardiola was early December and reported it to the board. "He could not communicate to the players, so everything has been so long," he insisted.

"In four years, I´ve worn, I need to drain and fill. The next coach has to give other things, is not a question of ability but because of the high demand. I have to recover and get away," he assured the Barca coach .

Supports have been in a privileged place. "I am satisfied beyond the result of how they have the players and I want to thank publicly what they have done, because they are the ones that have given meaning to my work," he said.

Guardiola has explained that the players have actually enjoy their work and thanked them for the passion they have put into the company. "I want to thank you for the millions of games and activities that I imagined them have come true and there is no greater reward than that," he insisted.


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The club reports that it was "an option as indicated from the start of their treatment," just a year ago

Eric Abidal will undergo a liver transplant in the coming weeks, as reported by the medical services of FC Barcelona through a statement on its website.

 Debido a su problema hepático Eric Abidal será sometido a un transplante de Hígado "In the coming weeks, the player will undergo a liver transplant, given the evolution of liver process. Transplantation was an option as indicated from the start of treatment a year ago. At the express wish of the player, the Club requested maximum respect for the right to privacy and confidentiality, "he said.

The player was operated on March 17, 2011 of a liver tumor, from which he recovered in a few weeks, so much so that he could play, as owner, the final of the Champions League against Manchester United two months to go under the knife and lift the trophy.

The French side, low in recent weeks because of a groin injury, had undergone periodic revisions in the last year. Pep Guardiola was asked to convey this bad news to the rest of the squad before the morning workout, with the presence of French, as confirmed by captain Carles Puyol at a press conference.


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Real Madrid coach generates more revenue than Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola and his image, reputation and goodwill worth more than Catalan, a study suggests.

Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho, is capable of generating more revenue than Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola and his image, reputation and goodwill worth more than Catalan, a study suggests.

José Mourinho, es capaz de generar más ingresos que, Pep Guardiola The research, by Daniel Sá IPAM marketing school, the Portuguese town of Aveiro, calculates a "Sports Reputation Index" based on the media impact, the social networking presence, the trophies, apparel or the value of image rights.

According to these and other variables, the Portuguese reached a final value of 74 points on a scale from 0 to 100, compared to score 56 of Guardiola, resulting in more than five million potential market value.

The media exposure of the Portuguese coach is one of the most decisive factors for this outcome, as the Portuguese get attention "rather than" the coach "Barça". "This advantage of Jose Mourinho is explained by the way, messages and speeches typically used in his press conferences," says study author.

On the revenue side, Mourinho also outperforms its counterpart, because it has a salary of 13 million euros per year and receives each year about five million euros in image rights.

Meanwhile, Guardiola wins each year nearly 12 million euros and image rights are worth about 3 billion euros.

However, there is a dead heat in terms of sporting triumphs, the study, a variable that Mourinho gets a value of 65 versus 62 out of Guardiola.

In this section, we compare the longest career of Jose Mourinho, who has more than 500 games against just over 200 of Guardiola.

However, the Barcelona coach beyond the Portuguese in the indicator of the percentage of victories by winning 72 percent of wins compared to 68 percent of Mourinho.


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Tilda to the template of "school children" Guardiola could not stand to let them not go to train in luxury cars

The current Milan striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic, stated in his autobiography that he had a heated argument in their passage through the Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola. "We shit over with Mourinho, go to hell" the Swede told the coach after a match against Villarreal in which was a backup and only played five minutes.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic y el Barcelona del amor al odio en su autobiografía Eurosport `reveals´ that was FC Barcelona striker had a tough battle with Guardiola after a league match in which he started Bojan instead of him. Ibra confensó in his autobiography tell all that he had lived in Barcelona and its relationship with the Barca coach.

In his biography, which has not yet been published, says that after this game came into the dressing room rage, kicked a box of clothes and yelled "you have no eggs". Given this, Pep Guardiola made no comment and is devoted only to collect the catch and placed inside clothing.

"I was completely crazy. If I were Guardiola, would have been very scared," admitted Ibrahimovic, admitting he does not sit well the substitution at El Madrigal after the defeat in the Champions League against Inter of Mourinho.

Their reasons for leaving Barcelona

The Swede said that one of the reasons why he thought the club was leaving for the role that Pep Guardiola had given to Leo Messi. Another reason, in the very front, is that Guardiola would not let them use luxury cars to go to training and says "that´s not your business."

Continuing his attack on Barcelona, ​​Zlatan states in his biography that "the Barca players are like children to school," it seems that not only was angry with the coach.

Another of the "secrets" that brings to light is how it moved out of Barcelona: Both his agent and the entity Barca commented that they had reached an agreement with Real Madrid, before this, for fear Barcelona White won in club let him out to Milan for a "low price" (25 million euros). With the team really had everything done was with the Rossoneri club.


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