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The French footballer will be subjected to a speedy trial to be held in Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid). He is accused of having committed a crime against road safety.

The magistrate court number two in Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid) will be responsible for judging the Real Madrid player Karim Benzema for a crime against road safety after being caught driving at 216 kilometers per hour on the M-40 earlier this month by a mobile radar.

Benzema, enfrenta una posible pena de prisión por conducir a exceso de velocidad According to informed sources told Efe the High Court of Justice of Madrid, the Madrid striker will face a speedy trial, on a date which has not been made public yet, after Benzema requested postponement thereof, set on Tuesday, arguing that that day was called by his club for the match of the semifinals of the Copa del Rey.

Benzema is facing a possible prison sentence of three to six months or a fine of six to 12 months with an amount decided by the judge, in addition to the withdrawal of the driving license from one to four years maximum, which force the player to re-licensing.

The striker was caught by a mobile radar in the early morning of February 3 located on the M-40, in the term of Pozuelo, traveling at over 200 kilometers per hour, more than twice the speed limit on that road interurban 100 mph.

A spokesman for the Directorate General of Traffic (DGT) has explained to Efe that due to the excessive speed at which he drove, Benzema was not stopped then installed on the device, so you refuse the information secure his arrest in control and subjected to a breath test with a negative result. Nor has the Guardia Civil Traffic hunt the same radar driving at 260 kilometers per hour at another Madrid player.

What they have secured sources Efe DGT is that agents in this control routine stopped at random and two other players in the club, whose identity has not been revealed, and they continued their journey after driving at an appropriate speed and not commit any offense.

For Benzema, agents, failing to identify the driver because it was stopped, reported the offense to the Provincial Traffic Office and moved to the record. It was Audi, owner of the vehicle, who identified Benzema as usual driver of the sedan, the sources added.


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Real Madrid striker can not avoid getting into trouble off the pitch. It is a fixture in the columns of the daily events

Since his arrival at Santiago Bernabeu, France striker Karim Benzema has been almost more trouble sometimes notice that their performance on the pitch. The latest mess that has been involved, this time inadvertently, has been the attempt to blackmail which was the subject earlier this year and was resolved by the French police, as revealed in yesterday's edition the newspaper 'Le Journal du Dimanche. "

Como dirían por ahí: Si los perros aúllan es señal que Benzema anda suelto A few months ago, someone got in touch with people close to the Real Madrid striker and threatened to sell to the press about intimate photos of it with an old girlfriend unless he received 900,000 euros. Benzema's lawyer, Sylvain Cormier, reported the extortion attempt against the French police and began researching this to find those responsible. Following the track of the prepaid mobile that was used to make threats, the researchers were getting closer and closer until the two fell into the trap blackmailers who tended them in a hotel on the outskirts of Lyon.

Offenders attended the meeting to collect the money required, but found a nasty surprise waiting for them that only the police. It turned out that one of the two extortionists were precisely the ex-girlfriend's stepfather used as bait for Benzema. It was a man well placed and earned a comfortable life, but thought that with the Real Madrid player had won the lottery.

His lawyer, Benzema was maintained at all times regardless of the investigations and was only informed when the police solved the issue in a film operation, as several agents dressed as gardeners and guests of the hotel where he organized the ambush.


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A young woman reveals to the police and the press happened to him the night he allegedly Real Madrid player had sex with the prostitute, then a minor. The judge ordered a confrontation between two women.

Karim Benzema, Real Madrid striker could still avoid a court appearance Zahia criminal case, scheduled for completion within six months, before the emergence of a new revelation about the case.

Aparece un nuevo personaje en torno al caso Zahia y Benzema A young woman has told police and the press happened to the night Benzema allegedly Real Madrid player had sex with the prostitute Zahia, when the incident occurred was minor. The judge planned giving André order a confrontation between two women in mid-October, but finally the meeting will take place in November, although no exact date. Benzema's lawyer, Sylvain Cormier, will travel to Paris next week for more details.

No But the defense of the player seems to have convinced of the veracity of this revelation to the judge investigating the case. "You have questions about this statement later," said a source close to the investigation RMC Sport: "The version change from one interview to another and from one examination to another." Judge expected to shed light on the confrontation issue.


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that the future president of the FFF and hinted it could be.

Benzema's lawyer, Sylvain Cormier, had already declared that it would be "scandalous" that his client was excluded

French Minister for Sport, Roselyne Bachelot, said the condition of defendants in a case of child prostitution player's Franck Ribery Bayern Munich and Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema seems "hard line" with their presence in the selection national.

Benzema y Ribery en el ojo del huracán por prostitución de menores During a shift to Bordeaux in the southwest France, the top official in charge of Sport Gallo said that his opinion is in line with the Secretary of State for Sport, Rama Yade, and the next president of the French Football Federation, Fernand Duchaussoy.

Benzema's lawyer, Sylvain Cormier, had already declared that it would be "scandalous" that his client was excluded from the French football team, with which he did not dispute the World Cup, for his complaint in a case of pandering after


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The French players Franck Ribery and Karim Benzema have been accused by a trial judge had asked, allegedly, the services of underage prostitute known as Zahia.

The French players Franck Ribery and Karim Benzema have been accused by a trial judge had asked, allegedly, the services of underage prostitute known as Zahia.

Se dirige proceso penal contra Franck Ribery y Karim Benzema por posible Proxenetismo Benzema, 22, and Ribery, 27, and the brother of Bayern Munich, 21, were released after knowing their status as suspects and are not under judicial control, media reported Gauls. Benzema's agent, asked to see if had played an intermediary role in the matter, was released without charge after giving evidence to the police.

The players, who had been interrogated for nearly seven hours by the Brigade for the Repression of Pimping (BRP), are suspected of have engaged the services of a prostitute when Zahia was not yet 18, although it told the police that the players were unaware of their age.

After the marathon interrogation, both players were handcuffed before the magistrate Andre Dando, who first accused Ribéry, then his brother and finally to Benzema.

French law provides for penalties of up to three years in prison and fine of 45,000 euros for customers of prostitutes under 18 years, although it has to show that they knew the condition under the prostitute at the time of the facts.

The alleged events dating back to 2008, in the case of Benzema, since 2009, in regard to Ribéry.

Speaking to local media, the lawyer for the Bayern Munich star, Sophie Bottai, said he was unaware that the prostitute Ribéry, Zahia, was a minor when he hired his services in 2009.

According to leaks to the press, Ribéry had acknowledged in an initial statement to police in April have had a relationship with her and have paid a visit to Bavaria, as researchers seek to know whether it was the very player who bought the ticket plane, which would have allowed his age.

Police questioning today from Benzema and Ribery came three months after the scandal broke, because researchers decided to postpone the testimony of the players until after the World Cup not to interfere with the preparation of the French.

Zahia police had testified that both Real Madrid and Bayern Munich on their sexual services contracted when she was still a minor, but pointed out that the players were not aware of his age.

The meetings, whose rate was 2,000 euros, were as stage Zaman Cafe, a nightclub located in the area of the Champs Elysees in Paris where he worked Zahia. The local investigations into this have led to the arrest of several individuals for pimping.

More customers Zahia

Another French international player of Olympique Lyonnais Sidney Govou, acknowledged having sex with Zahia, although when it was already an adult. Ribery, in a first statement to investigators in April, had admitted having used the services of the prostitute, but stating that he knew he was a minor, according to press leaks. French law provides for penalties of up to three years in prison and fine of 45,000 euros for customers of prostitutes under 18 years.


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