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* Daniela Rajic, a stripper from New York, has filed a lawsuit against Paul George for alleged paternity of her daughter Olivia, a month.

 La stripper Daniela Rajic, ha presentado una demanda contra Paul George por la presunta paternidad de su hija Olivia * Indiana forward have offered a million dollars for an abortion while he was dating the daughter of Doc Rivers, Callie.

* The judge has ordered the paternity of Indiana forward and has branded him a bad father for not seeing the girl and not appear for trial.

* "He has overcome imaginable limits to take responsibility for their actions," said the judge handling the case himself, Matthew Cooper.

* George has claimed the status of your leg to not appear in court in New York, to which the judge replied that his injury has not prevented him from "giving press conferences , go to promotional events and even drive your new Ferrari. "

* Gallery: The hottest photos of Daniela Rajic

 La stripper Daniela Rajic, ha presentado una demanda contra Paul George por la presunta paternidad de su hija Olivia

 La stripper Daniela Rajic, ha presentado una demanda contra Paul George por la presunta paternidad de su hija Olivia

 La stripper Daniela Rajic, ha presentado una demanda contra Paul George por la presunta paternidad de su hija Olivia


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Rihanna desmelenó in Maracana, where he witnessed the World Cup final between Germany and Argentina and joined the party selecting champions Löw

The club that wants to buy Rihanna is Liverpool, as reported by the Daily Mail, a few days ago and moved that the Barbadian singer had intended to purchase a team in the English Premier, without specifying which.

 Rihanna, desea adquirir un equipo de la Premier inglesa, y ella apunta al Liverpool Drogba, his alleged advisor
The British newspaper also quoted explains that Rihanna has sought the advice of his good friend Didier Drogba, Chelsea now crack on the sidelines through injury. The `blue´ is held by billionaire Roman Abramovich, hence the Ivorian striker will recommend apparently a rival club. Entity

You could purchase only part of the shares
The Daily Mail adds that should not be possible to land in Anfield, the artist could opt for another English club or acquire only a portion of the shares. It should be remembered that Liverpool FC is now in the hands of American Fenway Sports Group.

He had a great time during the World
And also worth remembering that Rihanna finished her soccer uncover vein in the World Cup in Brazil, to which end he attended live and for which there stopped hanging tweets. In addition, Rihanna, 26, and one of the divas of the music world, intends to open a sports school in his native country.


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The Ayr United, an activist in the League One or Two Scottish Division, has launched another season their new kits with a sexy twist.

The Ayr United, an activist in the League One or Two Scottish Division, has launched another season their new kits with a sexy twist. Always determined to give a media coup, the British authority resorts to no star players but some well-endowed girls for the occasion, they look painted on his bare torso shirts.

 Chicas bien dotadas, lucen las camisetas pintadas del Ayr United sobre el torso desnudo

 Chicas bien dotadas, lucen las camisetas pintadas del Ayr United sobre el torso desnudo

 Chicas bien dotadas, lucen las camisetas pintadas del Ayr United sobre el torso desnudo

 Chicas bien dotadas, lucen las camisetas pintadas del Ayr United sobre el torso desnudo


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To me cycling has always seemed a little tedious sport. Possibly the fault have I made a trip to Swain possessions of a millionaire relative in Burguillo (Ávila), and that caused me a painful rash in the groin and a sore ass that lasted weeks.

To me cycling has always seemed a little tedious sport. Possibly the fault have I made a trip to Swain possessions of a millionaire relative in Burguillo (Ávila), and that caused me a painful rash in the groin and a sore ass that lasted weeks.

Now, thanks to the beauty of Sexy Swiss Cycling Calendar, I see bicycles and cycling through different eyes

 Sexy calendario para despertar el interés hacia el ciclismo

 Sexy calendario para despertar el interés hacia el ciclismo

 Sexy calendario para despertar el interés hacia el ciclismo

 Sexy calendario para despertar el interés hacia el ciclismo

 Sexy calendario para despertar el interés hacia el ciclismo

 Sexy calendario para despertar el interés hacia el ciclismo

 Sexy calendario para despertar el interés hacia el ciclismo

 Sexy calendario para despertar el interés hacia el ciclismo

 Sexy calendario para despertar el interés hacia el ciclismo

 Sexy calendario para despertar el interés hacia el ciclismo


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The second son of FC Barcelona central and Colombian singer born in early 2015 as confirmed by the environment of the couple

Rumors were fired two weeks ago when Shakira took part in the closing ceremony of the World Cup in Brazil and gradually seem to be confirmed: Shakira and Pique will be parents again in January as sources close to the Colombian singer and player FC Barcelona.

 Shakira, estaría esperando nuevamente un hijo de su actual pareja, Gerard Piqué The budding singer belly struck in Rio de Janeiro and woke the rumors of a second pregnancy Shakira, in recent months had insisted on his desire to expand the family and give him a brother or sister to Milan. Apparently, and as confirmed by the family environment, the desire of the Colombian reality would be next January.

"Yes, she is pregnant and very happy," discovered this week the singer Carlos Vives, a close friend of the artist. There is still, however, confirmed the couple.


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23/01/2013  Gerard Pique and Shakira are already parents of a boy named Milan

23/01/2013  Gerard Pique and Shakira are already parents of a boy named Milan


12/01/2013  Eric Abidal, rejoined the club in training and matches with Tito Vilanova

05/01/2013  Eric Abidal, does not hide the desire to return as soon as the pitch

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23/12/2012  Eric Abidal, and can return to play for the first team of FC Barcelona

22/12/2012  Iñaki Lejarreta, dies at being rammed from behind by a car while training

21/12/2012  Abidal: People tell me that I am an example but the struggle is for all, each patient makes his own power struggle

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27/10/2012  Felix Baumgartner: After the freefall my life has undergone many changes

27/10/2012  Felix Baumgartner: After the freefall my life has undergone many changes

27/10/2012  Felix Baumgartner: After the freefall my life has undergone many changes

27/10/2012  Felix Baumgartner: After the freefall my life has undergone many changes

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13/09/2012  Abidal: I started working in the gym to see if I can play before December

10/09/2012  The directive Barca determined to promote the colors of the Catalan flag in their away kit

08/09/2012  Iker Casillas and Xavi Hernandez, elected Prince of Asturias Award for Sports

30/08/2012  Cristiano alleged flirtation rumored rift with his girlfriend Irina Shayk

25/08/2012  The USADA sanctions Lance Armstrong and strips him of his story

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21/05/2012  After liver transplantation Eric Abidal gets medical discharge

20/05/2012  The final of the Champions paralyzed until the G8 Summit

17/05/2012  Casey Stoner Moto GP Leaves to advance different things in your life

14/05/2012  Van Nistelrooy, decided to retire from professional football

13/05/2012  Carlos Martins, confirms it has found a stem cell donor for son 2 years

09/05/2012  Irina Shayk can not have children, possible reason for their estrangement with Cristiano

30/04/2012  Raul Gonzalez, deserves a hero receives a farewell tribute Schalke 04

28/04/2012  Pep Guardiola confirmed his farewell: Four years is an eternity and wear long

15/04/2012  The Federation of Italian football suspended the day, after the death of Piermario Morosini

12/04/2012  Eric Abidal, sent a message of thanks to everyone who supported the world

11/04/2012  Hayet Abidal Eric and his cousin Gerard underwent surgery and so far all is well

08/04/2012  Eric Abidal, will undergo liver transplant donated by his cousin Gerard

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20/03/2012  Fabio Coentrao, caught smoking at birthday party

19/03/2012  Fabrice Muamba, still in critical condition according to last medical

19/03/2012  Abidal has a good friend to donate part of liver

15/03/2012  Because your liver problem Eric Abidal will undergo a liver transplant

13/03/2012  Student shows above the shirt down Messi of Barcelona and just a red thong

12/03/2012  Maradona: just pay taxes, but the estate has to be more human with citizens

10/03/2012  Izaskun Fernandez: to seduce the menu would be seafood, particularly lobster and oysters with a bottle of Moët Chandom

06/03/2012  Dani Alves and Michel Teló, were at a popular nightclub Sutton Barcelona

29/02/2012  Klitschko, a heavyweight boxing world wants to be mayor of Kiev

26/02/2012  Lauren Anderson, Matt Walsh left planted by the baseball Reid Brignac

22/02/2012  Ibeth Maple, the beautiful model you want to remove the boyfriend Shakira

20/02/2012  Ever Banega, suffered a broken ankle after suffering a car accident

16/02/2012  3 arrested in Tunisia for publishing photo journalists almost naked girlfriend Khedira

15/02/2012  The Barcelona shirt for the new season is ready

14/02/2012  Arantxa Sanchez, tearfully presented his book `Arantxa go!´

14/02/2012  Gemma Mengual, concerning the synchronized swimming Spain announces his retirement from the sport

09/02/2012  David Ginola suffered an accident while practicing skiing in the French Alps

09/02/2012  Jordan Carver, invites you to do sports with it, you dare

08/02/2012  The syringes come from France and point darting Iker Casillas, Pau Gasol and Rafael Nadal

06/02/2012  Arantxa Sanchez accuses her of leaving her family in debt and with nothing

04/02/2012  Angelo Dundee, the trainer who became champion Muhammad Ali dies at 90

23/01/2012  Melissa Satta: it is always injured is because we have sex for seven to ten times a week

15/01/2012  Abidal: I`m glad to set up a foundation and then massage the sick kids

15/01/2012  Teló Michel, author of the best `Ai eu hit you´ got a shirt signed by players of Madrid

13/01/2012  Eric Cantona, former Manchester United seeks to participate in presidential elections in France

13/01/2012  Fernando Alonso, seen entering his house in the capital of Asturias along the Swiss model Xenia Tchoumitcheva

12/01/2012  Jose Mourinho, is able to generate more income, Pep Guardiola

05/01/2012  Alex Ferguson, Wayne Rooney punishes partying

02/01/2012  Iker Casillas, was in 2012 in the village of Navalacruz in Avila

25/12/2011  Ajax, general apology issued via the club website Alkmaar

23/12/2011  Real Madrid defender Pepe demonstrates his culinary side of solidarity

23/12/2011  Fernando Alonso and Del Rosario, with the breakup of their marriage will not end their friendship, they say

21/12/2011  Messi: Surprised with interview after the Club World Cup final

15/12/2011  Klaris Leone, is the number one porn fan of Inter Milan

13/12/2011  Football beauties pose nude for worthy cause

08/12/2011  Dr. Socrates died of liver problems result of his alcohol addiction

03/12/2011  Jose Mourinho, is home in Rolling Stone

27/11/2011  Irina Shayk, girlfriend of Cristiano has been the victim of retouching

17/11/2011  Baseball is left aside to give way to sensuality

14/11/2011  Justin Bieber, can be seen posing in the shirt of Madrid

11/11/2011  Neymar, celebrated with a party on a yacht the succulent contract with the Saints

06/11/2011  Antonio Cassano, is released, now comes the recovery

03/11/2011  Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Barcelona from love to hate in his autobiography

02/11/2011  Supermartxe, initiates legal action against Paris Hilton for breach of contract

02/11/2011  Antonio Cassano, suffering ill health that sidelined

25/10/2011  Bill Gates, Pep Guardiola and Sandro Rosell is the best team to fight polio

24/10/2011  Marco Simoncelli, the accident could not recover and died hopelessly

21/10/2011  Shannon Richards: all I have is natural, no plastic or silicone, and do not do nudity or porn

05/10/2011  With the implementation of a game can now click on the eye when you want Mourinho

03/10/2011  De Gea, MU goalkeeper was caught on security cameras at a supermarket taking what does not belong

28/09/2011  When all the men wear long, we are guided by our partners, says Piqué

27/09/2011  Chus Pereda, a former player of FC Barcelona and the Spanish national team at age 73 dies of cancer

26/09/2011  Gerard Piqué: Football comes first, I like to stay focused and be a model is in the background

26/09/2011  I could not go but I will explain everything and what is needed, said Joan Laporta

11/09/2011  Actress Gabrielle Union shows its best corners in addition to sending a cradle for the Heat

07/09/2011  Shakira, Pink and Waka Waka, inspire the player Marcello Matrone

07/09/2011  As they say out there: If the dogs howl is a sign that Benzema is on the loose

03/09/2011  Adil Rami, the new center of Valencia is revered by the girls and seen as a Greek god by the GLBT Community

28/08/2011  Chris Smalling's girlfriend, Sam Cooke causing a stir in England goes

25/08/2011  Pimenta Daniela's cousin Ricardo Quaresma in the arena of Fame

16/08/2011  Arda Turan, signing athletes do not come only comes with his beautiful girlfriend actress Sinem Kobal

04/08/2011  Shanna McLaughlin, was drawn in his coach with the permission of University

28/07/2011  Ronaldo spent £ A vacationing with his girlfriend in Ibiza

26/07/2011  Uruguay, winners in the field and necklines Paraguay champion in the stands

21/07/2011  Benzema, may be favored to discover Zahida denies recording where you had with him

15/07/2011  Andrés Guardado, caught by a model cybersex with Argentina

14/07/2011  La La Anthony crowned the First Lady of the NBA

08/07/2011  Daysi and Irina, the girls Peruvian showstoppers in Copa America

03/07/2011  Maria Sharapova, with this muscle can easily assign the role of a super heroine in a film

24/06/2011  The sisters and Salimata Simpore Bilguisa minted again to be men and not women

23/06/2011  Shakira, dreams of a world almost as perfect as the Barcelona football

18/06/2011  Mesut Özil, relaxing with friends and smoking on a yacht

14/06/2011  Victoria and David Beckham, Eva Longoria will propose to be the godmother of her baby

12/06/2011  Netherlands coach after the game happened to be the Orange Night

09/06/2011  Ronaldo, the leading scorer of all global retires from playing football for his country

06/06/2011  Paris Hilton, sneaks into the Catalunya circuit

06/06/2011  Imogen Thomas, wants no part of any men of the past after Giggs

29/05/2011  Gerard Piqué, dedicated the victory to Barça fans and a message to those who doubted the team

27/05/2011  Francesca Frigo does the Playboy men's version of a classic Michael Jordan commercial

24/05/2011  Ryan Giggs, related to the star of the TV show "Big Brother, Imogen Thomas

24/05/2011  The rider Xavier Tondo, lost his life when he was caught between his car and garage door

23/05/2011  Cristina De Pin, is the girl to sin before games Riccardo Montolivo

19/05/2011  Eric Abidal: Football gives you a comfortable quality of life, but when something bad happens to you, it's worth noting

16/05/2011  Eric Abidal: When something happens like that, day to day life you can change

13/05/2011  Ronaldo Phenomenon, debuts in a film scene Open road bed

12/05/2011  Judge Mercedes Pérez Barrios, who is investigating Operation Greyhound, has canceled the wiretaps made by the Guardia Civil to the athlete Marta Domínguez

10/05/2011  Parents and Anne-Sophie, wife of Weylandt laid flowers at the scene

09/05/2011  The Giro d'Italia cycling mourns Belgian Wouter Weulandt

08/05/2011  Golf Severiano Ballesteros loses an icon of all time

02/05/2011  The news of the death of Osama bin Laden cause global turmoil

28/04/2011  Imogen Thomas, and his antics with a Tottenham player are limits to the press

18/04/2011  Gerard Pique and Shakira have no hesitation in showing their love

15/04/2011  Tutumlu, Laporta claims commissions by 10% of businesses who signed for Barcelona

11/04/2011  Nataliza Ragozin, boxing naked and still unbeaten

07/04/2011  Caroline Wozniacki, receives proposal for Playboy but she says NO

04/04/2011  Roberta Mancino, Champion in sports and extreme beauty

03/04/2011  Adresa Iniesta, opens as the father of a girl named Valeria

30/03/2011  The leaders are strictly prohibited from listening to Shakira in Santiago

29/03/2011  Shakira, is an accomplice to Twitter to send text messages to Gerard

28/03/2011  Hollywood, is set Cheerleader Laura Vikmanis the most experienced of the NFL

28/03/2011  Fatima Moreira de Melo the hockey player, now stands in Poker

26/03/2011  Gerard Piqué: admits he was happy and enjoying the best relationship he has with Shakira

20/03/2011  Paul Bissonnette, impacted by one of the Flames Girls

14/03/2011  Caras: presents the test of love between Shakira and Pique

10/03/2011  The cheerleaders at Texas A & M Corpus Christi at night only they are having fun

05/03/2011  Gerard Piqué: answered all the press, but nothing about Shakira

23/02/2011  Gerard Piqué, enter the force in fashion, in a campaign to HANDLE

20/02/2011  Nazario Ronaldo, scorer in football and women also

17/02/2011  Elizabeth, is an avowed fan of the selection of Spain and Spanish soccer lover

15/02/2011  Of the 56 editions of the Superbowl, this is the sexiest video collage

13/02/2011  Abby Woo, loyal fan of the Mexican tricolor

13/02/2011  The players of FC Alqueries, have not clothes, Andreu Buenafuente

10/02/2011  Los Angeles Temptations, won the football league lingerie

09/02/2011  Gerard Piqué, double bar Spain and Colombia support him

06/02/2011  Gerard Piqué, confirmed his relationship with Shakira through facebook

30/01/2011  The insatiable Mario Balotelli, leaving Melissa Castagnoli, the playmate Sophie Reade

28/01/2011  Iker Casillas can be immersed in a new controversy because of his girlfriend, Sara Carbonero

24/01/2011  Selita Ebanks, tells us a secret about Serena Williams

16/01/2011  LeBron James, seen in romantic attitude to singer Ciara

12/01/2011  Fortini Nina in sexy footage with the band Muse Brasilerao 2010

08/01/2011  Rafa Marquez and Jaydy Mitchel, choosing to marry Beach

06/01/2011  Elba Jimenez, sports journalist who told Playboy If

06/01/2011  Martin Demichelis and Evangelina Anderson Playboy girlfriend are moving to Malaga

02/01/2011  Marianella Coral, another super fan of the Spanish

27/12/2010  Ronaldo, the phenomenon only have 4 heirs, hangs up boots

26/12/2010  Larissa Riquelme, tells the girlfriend of Iker Casillas to lend it

24/12/2010  Lauren Vickers, hostess of the LCR Honda MotoGP playmate of the year

22/12/2010  Luciana Aymar, chosen over Messi as the best international athlete

19/12/2010  Paris Hilton will SuperMartXé image, an advocacy group of visual spectacles

16/12/2010  Dean Eymi Peruvian model has a Spanish heart

14/12/2010  Carles Puyol, is just steps from the altar with his girlfriend, Malena Costa

02/12/2010  A lack of bra with your hands as you solve

01/12/2010  Pirelli, launched in calendar 2011 based on Greek mythology

28/11/2010  Amanda Harrington, on everyone's lips to hear from her relationship

20/11/2010  Caroline Wozniacki, with any part of your body hits the ball well

18/11/2010  Eva Longoria, can not forgive her husband's infidelity with another player's wife

17/11/2010  Apparently it's over love between Eva Longoria and Tony Parker

11/11/2010  Joan Laporta, has personally signed the porn actress to support her party Catalan Solidarity

05/11/2010  Altinho, the beach game that appeals to the Brazilian garotas

28/10/2010  Boris Johnson, Mayor of London caught with the Gold Rush

27/10/2010  The wife of the train, Coleen Rooney looks new pechonalidad

26/10/2010  The only thing he could not predict the famous octopus Paul was his last day alive

25/10/2010  Korea in the Grand Prix Formula 1 imposes thong fashion belt

24/10/2010  Arianny Celeste, ring over the cover of Playboy

22/10/2010  Sasha Vujacic and Maria Sharapova already thinking about marriage

21/10/2010  Bennetts, is to secure that 3 beautiful girls cuddled and caressed his sponsored bike

20/10/2010  Royston Drenthe, a former Real Madrid supports her friend Jackie in the Women, men and vice versa

15/10/2010  A new character into the case and Benzema Zahia

15/10/2010  Irina Shayk: I agree to sign contracts if they do not ask me anything Christian, or football

13/10/2010  The ESPN special publication, 'The Body Issue' traps Venus Williams

05/10/2010  President Evo Morales as a black belt hard gave Daniel Cartagena

30/09/2010  Alberto Contador: I have my life settled and would not require pedaling to live

20/09/2010  Iniesta adrese he scores a goal in life, will be father in 2011

16/09/2010  A former FC Barcelona player, proved to have good skills stripper

08/09/2010  An open microphone betrayed orgy in which it participated Dennis Rodman

05/09/2010  All Round Square also celebrated the 2000 run by Enrique Ponce

22/08/2010  Sara Love Saco Vertiz way to indifference, her boyfriend left her Wyble Bo

20/08/2010  Beautiful women adorned by their partners Tiger style

18/08/2010  Roger Federer has the pulse of a Swiss watch-precise-

17/08/2010  Antidoping Detective Jeff Novitzky, has it right between the eyes to Lance Armstrong

16/08/2010  Burner While, Claire Merry Henry's ex moves to success does not see the player in the MLS

13/08/2010  Ronaldo, I'm fat but in 15 days I'll be fine and ready to play

08/08/2010  Tiger Woods threatened by compatriot Phil Mickelson, could move the number one world ranking

05/08/2010  Enrique Iglesias, exercising bare all for Spain Champion

02/08/2010  Paul, do not break and if extra money will be welcome

29/07/2010  Andres Iniesta, continues to grow and the fruits are visible now will cover FIFA 11

28/07/2010  Bullfight anymore Spanish tradition in Catalonia

27/07/2010  The tentacles of the famous Paul reach all corners

25/07/2010  Gonzalo Higuain, I am smitten by the model Soledad Fandino

23/07/2010  Paul takes his first steps as an actor in his film premieres in August

22/07/2010  Benzema and Ribery in the eye of the hurricane for child prostitution

21/07/2010  Andres Iniesta could be on the big screen film

20/07/2010  It seeks criminal proceedings against Franck Ribery and Karim Benzema for possible Pimping

18/07/2010  The referee Marcelo Miranda to expel a player barely gets out alive to tell the court

15/07/2010  Paolo Maldini, under intense scrutiny from the public prosecutor in Milan

14/07/2010  Maradona's famous phrase that "suck and keep sucking that" still gives talk

12/07/2010  Bad predictions Paul octopus die before Euro 2012

11/07/2010  Iker Casillas Sara Carbonero shows all her joy for the title with a kiss on camera

09/07/2010  The figure that has caused a sensation in the world is called Paul

08/07/2010  Larissa Riquelme world's girlfriend still want to get naked

08/07/2010  These girls have the formula for fun in every way

07/07/2010  Serena accept their physical differences with her sister, and that has more tits and ass

07/07/2010  Belinda hacerca Giovanni Dos Santos for comfort

07/07/2010  The red of Spain during the discussion between Lorenzo and Alejandro Sanz

06/07/2010  The selection of Paraguay was left without the trophy World Cup but won the monuments

05/07/2010  The Spanish team left us without the nude Larissa Riquelme

05/07/2010  The Guaje Villa can become the world after King Midas Near Barcelona

25/06/2010  A Landon Donovan everything went by word of mouth hit the net after qualifying

22/06/2010  Mark Gonzalez will send you a goal to the heart of his girlfriend, Maura Rivera

20/06/2010  Sara Carbonero accused of being the destabilizing of Spain and blame for the defeat

19/06/2010  In the NBA there are not only fun and there are also game players know how to party

17/06/2010  A Tiger Woods, one of his mistresses credited as a child and asks the name

16/06/2010  Iker Casillas, is interviewed by his girlfriend Sara Carbonero after defeat.

15/06/2010  These young players more famous in the computer network of the University.

10/06/2010  The brides of the world also plays football and pose for Umbro.

09/06/2010  With 58% of votes Maria Sharapova takes the distinction of the most sexy of the circuit.

05/06/2010  Rachel Stevens, English aroma that seduce the world.

01/06/2010  The Celtics and Lakers rivalry is so great that Lamar Odom recommends to his famous wife, who exercise extreme caution if you decide to go to see Jurgen.

31/05/2010  Luciana Salazar, if Argentina wins the World Cup as I am come into the world naked.

31/05/2010  Jimmy Jump, were invited on stage to disrupt Eurovision performance of Spanish, Daniel Diges

30/05/2010  Cristiano Ronaldo, left footprints in the Russian model Irina Shayk

28/05/2010  Simona Halep, the promising young Romanian took a great burden.

26/05/2010  Tiger Wood was inspired to make XXX porn movie

25/05/2010  Maxim already has the 2010 list of the best woman in the world

23/05/2010  The Lingerie Football League 2010 is underway.

11/05/2010  Lokelani McMichael, the legend of triumphs and now triathlon surfer and model.

08/05/2010  Ibrahimovic and Piqué, captured in a shot by an amateur gives much food for thought.

03/05/2010  Cristiano Ronaldo, Drogba, Etoo, Kaka, Pato, Ballack, Donovan, Muntari and Stankovic unique way of experiencing the world.

03/05/2010  Leryn Franco, javelin thrower crowned Miss Olympics, is also the sexiest

01/05/2010  José Tomás: I'm here thanks to these hands as appropriate in the arena clogged my wound

29/04/2010  Fernando Verdasco, who splits her time between the tennis courts and gym

26/04/2010  Nudity a la carte menu asks you if you win the Scudetto with Inter and if you win bingo Roma too.

25/04/2010  The matador José Tomás, hardly lived to tell about it received a grave goring 15cm.

23/04/2010  Zahia Dehar with just 17 years and had seduced to sin Rivery.

22/04/2010  Juan Antonio Samaranch, Olympic legend World eternity ahead of us.

19/04/2010  Betty Kourakou, the Greek model who has inspired Mario Balotelli.

15/04/2010  Participants of Miss Slovakia 2010 were players for a day

05/04/2010  Sara Carbonero, he has lived in the clouds at Iker Casillas who can not concentrate

04/04/2010  Karadshian Kim, is the therapy that is Wayne Bridge to forget his ex-Vanessa Perroncel

04/04/2010  The number of bad luck follows him to Tiger, the girl appeared 13

31/03/2010  Matt Kemp, boyfriend of singer Rihanna caught with their hands on ....

29/03/2010  Tempting offer for women, World Cup fever, well done Boobs

26/03/2010  Ronaldo, at that age and still so uneducated

25/03/2010  The relationship of Sara Carbonero and Iker Casillas increasingly consolidated.

24/03/2010  Ivan Pillud, caught the eye of the internet for teaching the "little bird".

19/03/2010  Neither Sharapova, and Ivanovic, and Kournikova, and Sabatini, nor Graff .... The sexiest tennis player in history is called Victoria Vanucci.

15/03/2010  Tuggin Tiger, now you can have the guest and take it anywhere, inspired by Tiger Woods

13/03/2010  Lindsey Vonn, There is bad and gets his third hat trick in the female ski

09/03/2010  Romario de Souza, told him not to authority, and was fined 390 euros

08/03/2010  Anna Baranska, queen of volleyball Playboy Goddess

04/03/2010  In my neighborhood if you do that sort of thing you leave the legs. De, Terry Tevez

28/02/2010  The Romanian and the Italian press for granted infidelity with Bianca Dragusanu Adrian Mutu

26/02/2010  Mike Comrie and Hilary Duff, Romeo and Juliet The 21st Century

24/02/2010  A new option for desestresarte, runs naked

23/02/2010  Scott Lake, expelled by the IOC, with indecent gestures seen in the Olympic medal

21/02/2010  Dream Cheers, Art and wasted pure sensuality, Made in Spain

20/02/2010  Elin Nordegren, has obtained $ 300 million from Tiger Woods

18/02/2010  The girlfriends of the players may make their cuerpazos

16/02/2010  Cristiano Ronaldo, has talent, to show off, loving, liking and show what has

13/02/2010  The storm passes and John Terry takes the opportunity to reconcile with his wife

08/02/2010  The Milica Serbia poses in costume Dabovic-Eva-for FHM magazine

04/02/2010  Calvin Klein, in his new underwear campaign features characters from elite, such as competition

02/02/2010  Prince Harry shows his humanitarian side but for the victims in Haiti

01/02/2010  The Queen of Victoria's Secret, Adriana Lima came to see her husband live.

30/01/2010  John Terry-ably incorrejible not stop to talk to

30/01/2010  He says, "He who perseveres reaches" and also breaks records

27/01/2010  Jean-Claude Van Damme, until you drop

26/01/2010  The Lakers Barak Obama visited the White House

24/01/2010  SNOWBOARD also for girls like Paris Hilton

24/01/2010  Negligence was put behind bars the mother of the former tennis player Anna Kournikova

22/01/2010  Rafael Nadal, in love proposes marriage to full advantage

20/01/2010  Gillian Cooke, shows much more than allowed

19/01/2010  Beckham and Ronaldinho, luxury guest inaugurated the fish of Gattuso

18/01/2010  David Beckham, Dicta clases a domicilio

17/01/2010  Fonsi Nieto and Carmen Jorda: The couple may be going through a crisis

15/01/2010  Lala Vasquez and Carmelo Anthony, until fate separates them

13/01/2010  David Beckham and his tattoo of a seated Christ are global vox populi

12/01/2010  Sharapova's advertising contracts apparently more profitable than Tennis

11/01/2010  It's like a ritual, these haircuts for kids that get on the primary computer

07/01/2010  Cristina Pedroche, could be the next World's Sexiest Women

06/01/2010  Tiger Woods, the bad weather puts a good face, but even if it goes on the cover of Vanity Fair

03/01/2010  Elin Nordegren, safest Court at 300 million and chao

01/01/2010  Novak Djokovic: pass from tennis to music form a rock band

23/12/2009  Supermodel Adriana Lima, causing a stir on his arrival in Madrid

23/12/2009  Tiger Woods, now in Christmas themes for the big boys

22/12/2009  Maria Sharapova is not just tennis also won awards for its beauty and sensuality

21/12/2009  Sylvie van der Vaart, has the formula to beat Breast Cancer

20/12/2009  Paul Gothard, he dropped out and did so in full party

20/12/2009  John Terry, is looking for coins with a job in overtime

20/12/2009  The culture of adultery trick played him to Tiger Woods

17/12/2009  Tiger Woods apparently has the most difficult match of his life to convince his wife to leave the idea of divorce

17/12/2009  Exes Euro 2012 but a group of activists called sexist-feminist

16/12/2009  Sergio Ramos has it (Amaia Salmanca), it is up to Guti and Gooool

14/12/2009  Silvio Berlusconi, after the speech received by an opponent KO

13/12/2009  Harem of Tiger Woods was one of his favorite Loredana Jolie

11/12/2009  Tiger Woods, the best of all time retires because he wants to save his family

11/12/2009  They create a reality TV circuit dedicated to the NBA Wives, girlfriends and company

09/12/2009  Rachel Uchitel, the forbidden fruit that convulsed the king of golf paradise

03/12/2009  This is not a Tiger game, divorce would reach 300 million

03/12/2009  Joan Laporta, and a good reason to celebrate

02/12/2009  Little Kiss creates a line of underwear official Real Madrid

29/11/2009  According to Melina Nicolas Riquelme is the canary died

25/11/2009  Manny Pacquiao, the best fighter in the world produces news in and outside the ring

25/11/2009  Gemma Mengual, smitten by love of Enric Martín

22/11/2009  The weekend visit with a female companion Guti Ibiza

19/11/2009  Madusa, after four years is back

19/11/2009  Pau Gasol, who will certainly make a career in Hollywood, because his is the basketball

17/11/2009  The hair that is looking to win the World Cup in South Africa

16/11/2009  Pau Gasol, was baptized as a new member of Mecano

15/11/2009  Nice welcome for Fernando Alonso

15/11/2009  Pau Gasol, involved in a fatal traffic accident in CSI Miami

11/11/2009  Guti: relationship is complicated Pellegrini, foreigners do not feel the shirts, etc ...

10/11/2009  Terrible death of Robert Enke, hit by a train

06/11/2009  David Ginola, was naked on TV

05/11/2009  MARIA SHARAPOVA, light red-handed going well together

04/11/2009  Dracula visited in Manu Ginóbili NBA

03/11/2009  Quique Sanchez is not only a spectacular model accompanies

02/11/2009  Natalia Rose: we spend a night of passion gave him luck, I should his step Argentina World Cup

01/11/2009  Noemie Lenoir, the teach for a good cause

30/10/2009  Champion held in private with his girlfriend his great season

29/10/2009  Iker Casillas and Ana Isabel Medinabeitia romance surface.

28/10/2009  Andre Agassi, and the Secret to not let him live in peace

28/10/2009  The blonde Paris Hilton, wants revenge and sends a spell to Cristiano Ronaldo

27/10/2009  The queens of tennis match play apart

26/10/2009  GQ magazine expects to exhaust every last copy with this top luxury

21/10/2009  The cup nights become attractive for the players

20/10/2009  Francesca Piccinini, reveals that volleyball is not going to doping but flirts with homosexuality

17/10/2009  2 women a way, the dispute seems telenovela by Lio Messi

16/10/2009  In mourning Spanish sports journalism dies Andres Montes

15/10/2009  Ibrahimovic, to celebrate the elimination ... yuppie is that ah

10/10/2009  Gemma Mengual, a name becomes a brand and stay on the skin

09/10/2009  Susanita, put his paw

08/10/2009  Serena Williams is like a sweet without casing

07/10/2009  Piqué uncovers her sexy side

05/10/2009  Andy Roddick, Brooklyn Decker to shoot or

04/10/2009  Dwight Yorke, and the whole truth in his autobiography

03/10/2009  Explosion of joy in Brazil for the 2016 Olympic

01/10/2009  Sergio Ramos in an interview for a medium with a select audience, such as gay

30/09/2009  Gemma Mengual, also stands at the gateway

29/09/2009  Sex, Coke and fun in the world of tennis, according to Flavia Pennetta

28/09/2009  Nereida Gallardo returns to the load is in the sights of all

27/09/2009  Nereida Gallardo, girl with lots of action and this character gave him just to taste

25/09/2009  As a genius in the bottle the Beckhams launch fragrance

24/09/2009  Lamar Odom will premiere at the club for the serious

22/09/2009  Romario of tennis to politics

20/09/2009  Viki Beckham: Half the time I'm thinking about it

18/09/2009  Kim Clijster knew he would win his bet that's why coach

17/09/2009  Biljana Golic, the sexy girl's mini-tennis

16/09/2009  30,000 euros for charity event for the ring Pennant gave his ex-Amii Grove

15/09/2009  They say it was Hamilton who was Nicole Others, just broke their engagement

14/09/2009  M. Jackson also was the inspiration for the famous basketball

13/09/2009  ANNA KOURNIKOVA NAKED and tells it all

12/09/2009  Miwa Asao top model of beach volleyball

11/09/2009  LUST takes the lead in Formula One

09/09/2009  Caster Semenya, Im all woman who want to wear heels more often

08/09/2009  Elisabetta Gregoraci a son will tycoon Flavio Briatore Renault

07/09/2009  Mafia Berbatov warns, do not mess with it but ....

06/09/2009  Yeisiey he predicted to the 3 titles Laporta and Barcelona did not fail

04/09/2009  Nelson Piquet takes a hook under the Renault Flavio Briatore

03/09/2009  With 457 euros Gary Lineker went from Hell to the Altar

31/08/2009  Shhhhh Majo and Roni have a secret are very good friends

30/08/2009  David and Victoria together forever and ever

28/08/2009  GUTI footballer but equal model Esther Canadas ROMANCE

27/08/2009  Belinda soap opera as exciting and Giovanni kisses or heard Bormann

26/08/2009  Flavia Pennetta and Caroline Wozniacki elegance of tennis on a football field

25/08/2009  Ronaldo his third hat trick of third child on the way

19/08/2009  Cristiano Ronaldo is not geared to Madrid

16/08/2009  Belinda: 20 birthday with Giovanni Dos Santos

16/08/2009  Its an honor to be Cristiano Ronaldo

12/07/2009  Simona Halepa reduces the size of their breasts

12/07/2009  Cruise counselor David Beckham

25/06/2009  Giannina Maradona: El Kun Agüero is faithful to me

25/06/2009  Paris Hilton: Cristiano Ronaldo is a sissy Real

22/06/2009  The ex Nereida Gallardo Cristiano Ronaldo is eager to Interviú

12/06/2009  David Beckham again in Armani model in London

11/06/2009  Simona Halep is to be reduced breasts!

09/06/2009  David Beckham Emporio Armani Underwear show at London 2010

03/06/2009  Jessica Pace, the model that distracted the pilots of F-1 in Monaco

03/06/2009  Happy 23 birthday Rafael Nadal

26/05/2009  The spark of soccer

11/05/2009  The most beautiful race in the world is warming up engines with Manuela Arcuri

11/05/2009  Cheerleader for the Lakers to play guitar on topless

10/05/2009  The last was David Beckham in July Mariann Fogarassy

08/05/2009  Fashion returns to tennis with the Mutua Madrileña recogepelotas Madrid Open 2009

06/05/2009  Lionel Messi tab for San Lorenzo

26/04/2009  Francoise Boufhal the final signing of Rio Ferdinand

19/04/2009  The antidepressant called Ellen Cardoso Adriano

18/04/2009  Balon Rosa you invite Kate Ryan concert in Barcelona!

17/04/2009  KATE RYAN Concert

15/04/2009  David Beckham parades by Bernabeu

15/04/2009  Jose Maria Gutierrez 'Guti' divorces

09/04/2009  Tatiana Golovin, another beauty in the tennis

05/04/2009  Cristiano Ronaldo is a gifted sex

03/04/2009  Gemma Mengual lingerie model is Gemma

01/04/2009  Interview Mourinho in a very hot Chiambretti Night

31/03/2009  Andrew Bynum caught at the Playboy Mansion

29/03/2009  Playboy the new sponsor of the LCR Honda in MotoGP

26/03/2009  Kim Clijsters announced that play again, after two years

26/03/2009  Cristiano Ronaldo and David Beckham destroy cars

25/03/2009  Rafael Nadal and Ana Ivanovic are a couple .... Golf

23/03/2009  Diego Forlan and Maxi Rodriguez on the video clip de Coti

23/03/2009  Chabal gives him a punch to Castrogiovanni

23/03/2009  Éric Cantona presents the new Renault Laguna

16/03/2009  Paul Gascoine was about to die for tablets with alcohol

08/03/2009  Gabi new conquest of Cristiano Ronaldo

03/03/2009  Ronaldinho also trained in Milan

26/02/2009  The new car of Samuel Eto

25/02/2009  Lionel Messi and his girlfriend walking in Barcelona

24/02/2009  Cristiano Ronaldo should pay for his accident with the Ferrari

23/02/2009  Alejandro Del Piero again papa

15/02/2009  Ronaldinho girlfriend

09/02/2009  The ex Berbatov Daniela Arnaut not biting its tongue, and confesses that Cristiano Ronaldo wants to sleep with

04/02/2009  Michael Phelps caught smoking cannabis

29/01/2009  Cristiano Ronaldo was operated in the heart of 15 years

27/01/2009  Leo Messi is like the family for Ronaldinho

19/01/2009  Ana Ivanovic and Ferrnando Verdasco put an end to their relationship

19/01/2009  David Beckham attends Armani without victory parade!

15/01/2009  Victoria Beckham is eager to Armani

15/01/2009  Rafael Nadal of new kit for Australia

11/01/2009  Thierry Henry girlfriend

08/01/2009  Car accident Cristiano Ronaldo

06/01/2009  Bojan Krkic magazine cover DIR

02/01/2009  The new tattoo is not like David Beckham Victoria Adams

30/12/2008  Rijkaard divorces his wife, Monique

26/12/2008  Ana Ivanovic very suggestive in the magazine FHM

26/12/2008  Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year 2009

23/12/2008  Victoria Beckham with Dolce Gabbana shopping in Milan

22/12/2008  Rafael Nadal the most-watched Spanish athlete on the Internet

21/12/2008  Big Brother wants to Italian David Beckham

20/12/2008  Presentation of David Beckham by milan

15/12/2008  Iker Casillas and Rafael Nadal against Malaria

11/12/2008  Giovani dos Santos drunk at the feast of Christmas

10/12/2008  David Beckahm doing bungee jumping

09/12/2008  I wish I was in love with the Milan David Beckham

01/12/2008  Cristiano Ronaldo for Golden Ball 2008

01/12/2008  Cristiano Ronaldo next season the Golden Ball

01/12/2008  Ronaldinho lover in Venice

26/11/2008  Britney Spears wishes to David Beckham as coach

26/11/2008  Fernando Torres uses fragrance Sportsman Street

24/11/2008  Fernando Verdasco: Ana Ivanovic new girlfriend of a year of sweet

13/11/2008  Ana Ivanovic and Fernando Verdasco are the boyfriends

12/11/2008  Nereida Gallardo returns to talk about Cristiano Ronaldo

12/11/2008  David Beckham should be a kind of football to Salma Hayek

05/11/2008  Cristiano Ronaldo is defined as Genial

04/11/2008  The Qatar Masters women's tennis which starts in Doha with limits for women

01/11/2008  Victoria Beckham Wants Emporio Armani

30/10/2008  Zenden exerts a model

28/10/2008  David Beckham will live in the red light district of Milan

28/10/2008  L Equipe commended Rafael Nadal

28/10/2008  Ronaldinho and Adriano will feast Milan and Ancelotti will be all right

28/10/2008  Kobe Bryant, Alex Rodriguez, Tony Hawk and Michael Phelps created his own musical group

27/10/2008  Jessica Cirio, the extramarital affair of Ezquiel Lavezzi

25/10/2008  School Musical 3: End of course, has cone l dobleje Pau Gasol and Marc

25/10/2008  Vogue India cover to Victoria Beckham

23/10/2008  Jaydy Michel: It is a Barca

23/10/2008  El Duque was a promise of tennis

20/10/2008  Elisabetta Gregoraci Pilar Rubio and a parade of models in lingerie

19/10/2008  8.5 in bed for David Beckham as Rebecca Loss

15/10/2008  Victoria Beckham in Betty La Fea

13/10/2008  Severiano Ballesteros: We have identified a brain tumor

13/10/2008  Will auction the bus for the Spice Girls

10/10/2008  All outstanding for the health of Severiano Ballesteros

08/10/2008  Ariadne Artiles and Fonsi Nieto Inagua of a shop Mango

07/10/2008  Confessions of loving Cristiano Ronaldo

04/10/2008  Brad Pitt is confessed fan of Valentino Rossi

03/10/2008  Sylvie Van der Vaart: I do not look like Victoria Beckham in nothing

02/10/2008  Thierry Henry, van Nistelrooy and more footballers in the kitchen

30/09/2008  Victoria Beckham sleeps naked, but ... with gloves and half

28/09/2008  Nereida Gallardo spoke of Cristiano Ronaldo in a program

26/09/2008  David Beckham presents Calendar 2009

23/09/2008  The Beckham: We want another baby ... but now I'm too busy

23/09/2008  Zakumi, mascot of the World Cup in South Africa in 2010

21/09/2008  Cristiano Ronaldo sex scandal

17/09/2008  Interview with Cristiano Ronaldo girlfriend: Letizia Filippi

17/09/2008  Victoria Beckham opened a restaurant next to the British chef Gordon Ramsay

17/09/2008  Almudena Cid and Christian Galvez was going to live together

14/09/2008  A Rafael Nadal broke him pants

11/09/2008  Fonsi Nieto and Ariadne Artiles split

11/09/2008  In a war footing by tattoos at Real Madrid

10/09/2008  Victoria Beckham looks new look

08/09/2008  Daria Zhukov, the bride's multimillionaire Roman Abramovich

02/09/2008  Gemma Mengual in Topless

21/08/2008  Almudena Cid, the chosen athlete more attractive and sexy

21/08/2008  Cristiano Ronaldo become gay icon by a British Web

19/08/2008  Rafa Nadal, already an icon of fashion

18/08/2008  Four German Olympic pose naked for Playboy

12/08/2008  Victoria Beckham and Eva Longoria partner

10/08/2008  Victoria Beckham discussed with a department store

05/08/2008  Rebecca Loos almost naked on the beach

05/08/2008  Victoria Beckham With blood communist?

05/08/2008  The terror of Nicole Scherzinger

05/08/2008  David Beckham collected the prize Teen Choice accompanied by her three children

05/08/2008  Nereida looks new look

31/07/2008  Elisabetta Gregoraci, wife of Briatore, in Ibiza

31/07/2008  Rupture Kate Hudson and Lance Armstrong

29/07/2008  Roman Abramovich enjoys the Mediterranean, along with his girlfriend in his fabulous yacht

29/07/2008  Jon Bon Jovi celebrated the victory of their football team

28/07/2008  David Beckham will write messages to the former wife of Marilyn Manson

25/07/2008  The tan Cristiano Ronaldo

24/07/2008  Nereida Gallardo also looks new boy

24/07/2008  Brazil laughs from the belly of Ronaldo

24/07/2008  Almudena Cid, an Olympic very sexy

23/07/2008  The new love of Cristiano Ronaldo is called Letizia Filippi, a finalist for Miss Italy

23/07/2008  Ashley Harkleroad was naked in Playboy

23/07/2008  Rafael Nadal and Ana Ivanovic, the meeting in Mallorca

21/07/2008  Fernando Alonso cooking their future

21/07/2008  Cristiano Ronaldo continues with its festivals in Los Angeles

21/07/2008  Molesta to Lohan that it steals attention Beckham

21/07/2008  Mallorca is a perfect place

17/07/2008  David and Victoria Beckham, festive

15/07/2008  Michael Ballack was home on the outskirts of Munich

15/07/2008  Maradona will grandfather in January

14/07/2008  Cristiano Ronaldo breaks with Nereida Gallardo

13/07/2008  Victims of red: Oksana consoled Wilhelmsson to ... ... and Bethlehem, Borriello

13/07/2008  Leo Messi poses in underpants

13/07/2008  Angelina Jolie has given birth to their twins, KNOX AND LEON Vivienne MARCHELINE

13/07/2008  Rafael Nadal is the best athlete in Spanish history

13/07/2008  Rafael Nadal conquer Wimbledon in a historic final against Federer

13/07/2008  Eva Mañé fulfilled his dream to meet Bojan Krkic

13/07/2008  Desaforado to see David Beckham semi-naked

13/07/2008  David Beckham: My mother did not like to see me in an ad for underwear

13/07/2008  The trunks of David Beckham caused a stir in Milan

13/07/2008  Victoria Beckham compares Beckham penis with a tractor exhaust pipe

13/07/2008  First snapshot of David Beckham as a model underwear

13/07/2008  The Beckham in a musical

13/07/2008  Performs Victoria Beckham diet for pregnant

13/07/2008  Victoria Beckham, now winemakers

13/07/2008  Victoria Beckham: I can not think Without heels

13/07/2008  David Beckham celebrates its 33 th birthday with a dinner for only two

13/07/2008  For Beckham likes to walk naked in his house

13/07/2008  Victoria Beckham celebrated his 34 birthday

13/07/2008  Cristiano Ronaldo will go to Majorca to know his in-laws

13/07/2008  The beast of Cristiano Ronaldo

13/07/2008  Interviú naked Nereida Gallardo to the girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo


13/07/2008  Nereida Gallardo, the bride Spanish Cristiano Ronaldo

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