Sex, Coke and fun in the world of tennis, according to Flavia Pennetta

Flavia Pennetta reveal some of their secrets in the world of the racket, with Moya-free bar sex was always shared a room in the tournament, believes that there is doping in tennis, although cocaine is just for fun

A lack of good tennis, except that offered by those who return after long inactivity, some professionals make noise in their own way. Italian Flavia Pennetta, world number 10, it loosens the tongue in an interview for a channel television in his country, revealed in part by the daily Corriere della Sera, which says some of his intimate connection with completion and Carlos Moya and-sporting preferences for other males of the ATP.

Sexo, Coca y Diversión en el mundo del tennis segun Flavia Pennetta Pennetta was admitted in the program chain Italy 1 Le Iene , to be cast today. Half seriously, half jokingly, tennis player from Brindisi recalls how during their relationship with Moya, when matched in tournaments, always reserving a common room and opted for free bar sex instead of abstinence recommended to athletes in competition period.

Pennetta is again today a woman without commitment because Moya fell in love with another, and admits that three or four players have attempted conquer since his break with the Spanish player. The last one was a Brazilian, but I said no because I did not. And who is set Pennetta? Tommy Haas is the most handsome, but I can ride with Marat Safin. Unoriginal taste indeed.

Relationships with persons of the same sex is not go through your head, but acknowledges that it would not be difficult to experience because in this sport, she admits, there are plenty of gay players. She, at any case has not received offers, but that does not mean that sex has not practiced in the locker room. And also on the concrete, grass and on a plane. And is that the flight was very long.

Pennetta Serena Williams also claims that he always wins because it is a beast compared to me, the Italian players do not win titles because they lack firmness and believes that there is doping in tennis. After clear, though, that those who use cocaine do so only by fun and that she never tried.


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sagitario / Monday, December 07, 2009


martha / Monday, September 28, 2009

será a manera de venganza por que el español la dejo a esta chica... lanza todos estos comentarios.. pero de que algo pasa... creo que siiii

valeria / Tuesday, September 29, 2009

guau... se destapa la olla de grillos del tenis.. mañana que se escuchará...estaré atento.. sigan informando chicos

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